Vaccine Center List for Gandhinagar Corporation As per below
Vaccine Center list

Covid-19 vaccine Center list for Gandhinagar Corporation area for 18 years and up to 44 years of age


Registration for all vaccinations over the age of 18 will begin on April 28. Follow the steps below for vaccine registration.

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1) Open this link and go to the registration portal and select the option of registration.

2) Enter your mobile number and click on ‘Get OTP’.

3) An OTP will come to your mobile number, which will have to be submitted in 180 seconds.

4) A new page will open as soon as the OTP is submitted, in which you have to fill in your details.

5) In addition to Aadhar card for driving ID, driving license, PAN card, passport, pension passbook, NPR smart card or water ID will also be valid.

6) Choose one of these options and give the ID number.

7) Name, caste, date of birth should be stated.

8) You will then have the option to select the nearest Covid Vaccination Center.

9) After selecting the center, you can choose a convenient time slot for taking the vaccine.

Vaccine Center List for Gandhinagar Corporation As per below

Center Name
Center Address
Area Code
SSV SCHOOL SEC 3 SSV School Sec 3, Gandhinagar Corporation, Gujarat, 382003 382003
SORATH KARADIYA SCHOOL SEC5 Sorath Karadiya Rajput School Sec5, Gandhinagar Corporation, Gujarat, 382006 382006
SARDAR PATEL SCHOOL SEC7 Sardar Patel School Sec7, Gandhinagar Corporation, Gujarat, 382007 382007
GOVT SCHOOL SEC-15 Govt School Sec-15, Gandhinagar Corporation, Gujarat, 382016 382016
JAIN DERASAR SEC22 Jain Derasar Sec22, Gandhinagar Corporation, Gujarat, 382022 382022
GOVT SCHOOL SEC 28 Govt School Sec 28, Gandhinagar Corporation, Gujarat, 382028 382028
KENDRIYA VIDHYALAYA NO.1 Kendriya Vidhyalaya Sec-30, Gandhinagar Corporation, Gujarat, 382030 382030
GEB COLONY DISP GEB Colony Disp, Gandhinagar Corporation, Gujarat, 382041 382041
PRIMERY SCHOOL KUDASAN Primery School Kudasan, Gandhinagar Corporation, Gujarat, 382421 382421
PRIMARY SCHOOL SARGASAN Primary School Sargasan, Gandhinagar Corporation, Gujarat, 382421 382421
APOLLO PRIVATE HOSPITAL PAID Apollo Pri Hospital Bhat, Gandhinagar Corporation, Gujarat, 382424 382424


Note: This Data is taken from and it will help for better IDEA for Vaccine Center in Gandhinagar with Pincode.

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