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10 Best Video Editing Services in USA 2022 [UPADTED]


It’s worth your time and effort to search for the best video editing services for your particular requirements. The use of videos in marketing, entertainment, advertising, and even education is growing in popularity.

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That is true for many reasons. Consumers are 85% more likely to recall a video’s content than text. Additionally, more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be made up of online videos by 2022.

Additionally, TikTok actually overtook Google in 2021 as the most visited website on the planet!

Not to mention how the creator economy as a whole is booming. Numerous people use websites like YouTube and TikTok to make a part-time or full-time living. Even celebrities on YouTube can make millions.

However, it takes a lot of effort and talent to edit videos. It can slow down production and make making videos difficult.

Services for video editing can help in this situation. They can effectively enhance your footage. Video is the format of the future, and you can save time and hassles by outsourcing video editing services.

You’ll discover in this post what to look for in a top-notch video editing service and which ones are now available.

Why do you require services for video editing?

There are several benefits to outsourcing video editing, but the two biggest ones are time and quality.

One minute of video information can be edited in between thirty and an hour. And it doesn’t include the hundreds of hours you’d need to put in to master video editing.

You don’t have that kind of time if you’re busy running your own business or creating content for your YouTube channel. Professional editors, on the other hand, can operate effectively and within predetermined deadlines, speeding up and streamlining your production process.

Even if your footage isn’t perfect, video editors can consistently create high-quality content. And this characteristic could mean the difference between growing and losing your audience.

The costs of employing a video editor are quickly outweighed by the time you save and the improvement in the quality and quantity of your creative production if you plan to make multiple movies per month.

What Qualities Should You Search for In The Top Video Editing Services?

There are a few things to consider while looking for a reliable video editing service. The most important of these is the selection of features, the caliber of the job, evaluations, and endorsements, and the cost.

Make sure the characteristics of your candidates match your requirements first. As an illustration, several services for video editing offer intro animations, voice-overs, subtitles, royalty-free music, and stock photos. some do not.

A couple of these are used in the sample video that follows:

Next, pay great attention to the caliber of their work and the testimonials offered by previous clients.

On their website, reputable video editing businesses will provide a portfolio of their work. Be on the lookout for videos with excellent resolution, color correction, seamless transitions, and crisp sound editing.

Then, investigate if others have praised or voiced concerns about a particular business on websites like Trustpilot and Google ratings. Many companies that offer video editing proudly advertise client endorsements.

Lastly, read the small print. How quickly do the editors turn around the initial draught? What number of edits to the initial draught is included in the cost? How many videos can you upload at once?

For instance, several businesses promote “unlimited video” while imposing several limitations. They might establish a cap on how long your finished video can be. Others impose restrictions on the amount of footage you may upload and its size.

There are two main pricing models: subscription video editing services, and video editing packages.

If you want to post a certain amount of videos each month, subscription services are worthwhile in the long term. They are therefore the more sensible option for you.

However, choosing packages is preferable if you require more flexibility. Even though there is frequently a bulk discount, you pay for each video here.

Following that, check out our top 15 recommendations for the finest video editing services in 2022.

1. Visionary Web Studios

The Visionary Web Studios crew takes great satisfaction in creating top-notch videos. Your assignments are handled personally by their skilled editors.

They stand out for being flexible with plans and costs as well. Visionary Web Studios can provide you with simple jump cuts or sophisticated editing tools.

VAS, their Video Animation Services, is one of the Visionary Web Studios’ identifying features. The entire ordering process for a video edit is centralized by VOMA: placing the first order, uploading files, corresponding with editors, reviewing draughts, and making payment – all on a single, hassle-free platform.

As a result, the production process is significantly more effective, giving you more time to concentrate on your creative enterprise.

 2. Replayed

London-based recordings comes in at number two on our list because they are a good fit for extremely intricate adjustments. They also provide a little sample edit so that you can be sure what you receive is what you actually desired.

The cost of Replayed’s service is determined by the individual video; there are no discounts or subscriptions. Turnaround varies from same-day to three days, depending on the package you select.

They are most effective when used for shorter videos because there are raw footage time constraints (25 or 50 minutes).

3. Husky video

One of the least expensive video editing services on this list, Video Husky focuses on “talking head” videos.

Additionally, they provide a free direct upload option for your films to your website or social media account.

Additionally, Video Husky gives you access to a project management platform to keep track of your orders and a video commenting function to provide feedback on draughts.

4. Flocksy

A reputable creatives service is Flocksy. In addition to video editing, it also provides site design, graphic design, voice-overs, copywriting, and custom graphics. They’re also great if you determine that you require a whole team for your project rather than just one editor.

However, there isn’t much information available about storage, movie length, and file size, so get more information before you subscribe.

5. Show creativity

While some of the capabilities in Be Creatives are pricy add-ons, the overall feature set is good. They have a long list of endorsements from well-known business people.

6. Bespoke Web Design Services

Thumbnails, end screen animations, and motion graphics are among the strong selection of video editing options that Bespoke Web Design Services provides. This video editing service also offers a sizable portfolio of previous videos and extensive cloud storage.

That comes with a cost: On our ranking of the top video editing App companies for 2022, Bespoke Web Design Services is one of the most affordable.

7. CutYeti

High-quality editing and customization for its clientele are priorities for CutYeti. One of their key selling points is having editors with at least three years of experience who are all based in the US.

The trade-off: The maximum final video duration is 5 minutes, and they aren’t exactly inexpensive.

8. Vidpro

The cost-effective packages and “overnight” editing offered by Vidpros are its main selling features. There is a further internal restriction of four clients for each editor. This enables the editors to give each project more time. You can anticipate a more individualized service as a result.

9. Vidchops

You won’t receive any bells and whistles from Vidchops, but you will receive your edits swiftly and at a reasonable price.

Your films will be edited by one of their editors at a time. Your subscription will determine the maximum.

For instance, the smallest “weekly” subscription allows you 4 films each month, each up to 15 minutes long. The offered features are constrained in comparison to those they offer; there are no limitless changes, for example.

10. Video Caddy

Flatworld Solutions, a leading provider of outsourced services in India, offers Video Caddy. They provide audio editing, storyboarding, and animation in addition to video editing.

The company caters more to corporations than to individual artists; examples of their specialties include real estate tours and product movies, although their selection is vast. They are one of the few general editing companies, for instance, to edit wedding videos.

Packages or subscriptions are not available. Instead, prices are determined by hourly rates, if you don’t need extensive editing, Video Caddy can be a more affordable choice.


This list’s businesses that specialize in video editing all provide a wide range of services. Now it’s up to you to decide which offer, whether it comes from an editing service or a freelancer, best meets your unique demands.

Do you prefer a dependable subscription or flexible pricing? Are you going for the most features possible, or are your demands only basic? Do you prefer a service with a broad selection of videos or one that focuses on a certain type of video?

At Visionary Web Studios, we take pleasure in offering excellent client service along with high-quality edits, quick turnaround times, and competitive pricing. Additionally, our Video Animation Services you time while communicating and uploading files.

However, don’t just take our word for it; allow the testimonials of our customers to do the talking.


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