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  • Introduction
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When it comes to creating software or an application, developers play a very important role in the project. And they often face challenges or have to come across some unpredictable issues in the software development process. That is why it becomes important to optimize and streamline the developer’s workflows and this is possible by relieving the burden of the tasks and automating them.

To have an uninterrupted workflow and the best productivity level, developers must use sustainable solutions that are easy to use, offer simplified flow, and enable them to work in a protected space. For this, we will have a look at some of the best productivity tools that help software developers easily with different languages and frameworks like .NET, Ruby on Rails, and Laravel in order to improve their business workflow by focusing on the productivity level.

Top 10 Productivity Tools for Developers’ Everyday Use

Some of the top productivity tools for developers’ daily usage are –

1. IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is a tool that enables developers to boost their productivity levels. It provides users with solutions for intelligent coding in various languages and frameworks with relevant suggestions in every context: smart code completion, quick fix of code issues, productivity boosters, and more. Besides this, the developer ergonomics option is offered to help to minimize the interruption in the developer’s flow. By offering various tools, IntelliJ IDEA enables you to use control systems like Git to create tools like Gradle.

In addition to this, IntelliJ IDEA is a tool that has major benefits like – polyglot experience, deep insight into code, and built-in developer tools.


  • All Product Pack – $19.90 user.month
  • There are some other special offers for open-source projects, startups, and non-profit organizations.

2. Codeanywhere

Codeanywhere is one of the most popular cloud-integrated development environments that is the best choice when it comes to straightforward collaboration in real-time with teammates. It is a code editor that enables software and mobile app development companies to harness intelligent source code editing features like renaming a symbol, code refactoring, and more. Besides this, the codes are continuously analyzed during the coding process with the help of the Linter analyzing tool.

In addition to this, Codeanywhere is one of the productivity tools that enable developers to perform their work from any device and any location. They can even edit their files directly from the server using this productivity tool. It comes with 75 languages available, the team members can choose any one of these languages and start the collaboration process.


  • Free trial.
  • Starts with $6 user/month.

3. Habitica

Habitica is a task management tool that enables companies to treat their daily tasks as a role-and-play game. This enables the developers to receive some points when they complete the task. And to help them move forward, this tool offers a rewarding system that allows you to collect coins, find pets, and more. In addition to this, the gamification process makes the software developers more motivated to fulfil their tasks and get rewards on time.

Habitica is one of the perfect productivity tools that enable developers to gain rewards and play as a character. And, in this too, once the developer signs in, he can create his character. The main aim of this tool is to motivate users to track goals and habits, complete tasks in real life, and unlock custom rewards.


  • Group plan $9/month +$3 per member 

4. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is one of the most popular cross-platform text editors that enables programmers to code software with different languages. It has a user-friendly UI environment and because of that users can easily navigate through files, lines of code, and also switch between them between different projects. In addition to this, with the use of simple JSON files, the application can be made more flexible. Besides, this code editor comes with a destruction-free mode display which enables the developers to become more productive.

The main benefits of this tool are – powerful API and package ecosystem, cross-platform, command palette to straightforward the search.


  • The subscription for private companies and businesses ranges from $50-$80.

5. Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is also one of the best productivity tools that enable developers to tear themselves away from Internet distractions. It doesn’t allow the users to get lost in the mess of social media and its channels by offering features that can block the apps, websites, and even access to the Internet. Besides, this project management tool is completely customizable and enables you to create professional schedules for visits to different applications or websites.

The key benefits of this productivity tool are – customizable blocklists, block schedule, block mode, tracking insights, and more.


  • Basic Plan – Free
  • Pro Plan – $39 and more options are available.

6. The Silver Searcher

The Silver Searcher is one of the best tools when the developer doesn’t want to waste his time in trying to search for a specific line of code in any particular document that is made up of millions of lines of code. And if this becomes the case, then doing so can be very frustrating. Therefore, the creator of The Silver Searcher code searching tool decided to come up with such a system.

The Silver Searcher is a much faster tool and it enables the developers to easily create relevant code. This tool has a time-saving property, which enables the developers to rank amongst the top productivity tools. Besides, The Silver Searcher enables the team members of the companies to have a perfect time management system that enables them to stay focused.


  • Free and open-source tool.

7. musicForProgramming

The musicforProgramming website is one such concept that enables the developers to increase their productivity level with music. The interface of this tool is exactly like a code editor. And because of this, when any team member goes to the page to change the track, he will be able to keep the focus on the coding activities as he will be visually linked with this website through his work.

All one needs to do is put the headphones on, select one of the best playlists from 54 available, and then click on the “PLAY” button to start it. The playlists in this tool vary in length, and they are mostly instrumental which is considered the best. And the reason behind it is that instrumental music increases developer productivity.

Price: NA

8. Play Framework

Play framework is a tool that is used for creating applications by using programming languages Scala and Java. It is one of the tools that can help developers to speed up their development process with these two languages. This tool comes armed with a text editor and web browser, and this is what helps the programmers to easily test applications and websites in real-time. Besides, the majority of the Java libraries are compatible with Play Framework and they work perfectly with both web and mobile app development.

Price: NA

9. Focusmate

Focusmate is one of the best solutions for you if you are prone to procrastination. It is a tool that enables virtual coworking. This tool helps in boosting the productivity of the team and also assists you to accomplish the task while the other team member is focusing on the work, and vice versa.

Focusmate has proved itself in being one of the best productivity tools by helping companies boost their productivity by 200-300%. This productivity tool comes with five behavioral triggers when it comes to achieving a flow state. And this is why working in a firm with other people will enable you to have the ability to avoid procrastination.

So, once you have decided that you want to become productive, you can launch a video session with your partner and start discussing the goal of your work process. After doing so, you will be easily able to experience the power of humans in fulfilling any task. Besides, this tool is also considered as the base management tool. Also, there comes some amazing productivity templates in the market, that help developers to plan the work and manage it properly.


  • Free sessions for 50 minutes/every week.
  • Turbo option – unlimited sessions for $5/month.

10. 7pace

7pace is one of the best time tracking tools that is built specifically for software developers. It is a tool that enables the experts to work easily in environments like Scrum, Agile, and Waterfall. Besides, individuals can use this tool and they can log each task in just three seconds of time. This type of time tracking tool enables the software developers to be quick in their work. This tool can be easily integrated with Visual Studio Team Services and Microsoft Team Foundation Server with great efficiency.


  • Ultimate Plan – $11 user/month
  • Team Plan – $7 user/month
  • Star Plan – $5 user/month

Conclusion – The Best Productivity Tools

As seen in this blog, there are some of the best productivity tools available in the market for developers. These tools help them organize tasks, automate the work, increase productivity, facilitate relevant communications, and make project management an easy task.  Though these productivity tools come with a slight learning curve, understanding and learning it is not time-consuming. And even if it takes time, the hours spent to learn these tools are a great investment in improving productivity.


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