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5 Top Mobile Collaboration apps among developers


There is no denying in saying that mobile devices and mobile applications are taking over every aspect of our daily life. According to a recent survey, seven out of every eight minutes of media access on mobiles are spent on mobile applications. However, mobile apps are not just used to read news on Flipboard instead they have also been used in the workplaces and the developers are no exception.

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As a matter of fact, developers are regarded as the power users of mobile applications. They know their preferences and are stalwart on finding the right solutions for their faction and can easily review mobile apps of all configurations and scale. Check out the five developers nominated mobile apps that drive collaboration


People easily dismiss the prospect of security breaches and assume that they won’t encounter the situation again, but many developers have witnessed the impact of security breaches on organizations and are committed to keeping the data locked down. But the question is how can one keep all his accounts safe and secure.

1Password is a password manager by AgileBits Inc – offers a mobile app for password recovery. Today, mobile app development demands for secure access to cloud services, server environments, code signing keys, and an extensive number of credentials that calls to be managed for a team.

With 1Password, teams can easily access their credentials from any place without having to share them across messages or emails.


Slack has become the most favorite for online chat. However, developers are not just utilizing it for instant messaging instead they have been employing slack’s integration to keep track of the happening of the development field.


Assembla is one of the most standard version control hosting providers for SVN (Subversion) and Perforce and has task management features built into its platform. Many software development teams use Assembla to operate both their tasks and code making collaboration easier. Their latest iOS apps can promptly create and update tickets for tasks within a project from an iPhone or iPad device.


APIs have become the backbone for many tech companies, but it has been challenging to collaborate on developing them. Working with GUI is affable – making the process of creating HTTP requests, review responses and saving and organizing the collections of endpoints easy.

Postman is really an excellent application when it comes to working with teams. Complete collections of endpoints can be shared with just the tap of a button and via this shared collection, teams can distinctly transmit the status and accessibility of an API feature and send out updates easily whenever any kind of changes are made.

InVision and UXPin

There are many mobile apps in the app market that offer to prototype. The collaborative feature of InVision is exceptionally powerful. However, this product in its very nature is not designed for developers – it gives them a better understanding and clarity about concepts and possibilities, depending upon static images and transition effects.

When talking about UXPin – it is an excellent product for low-medium fidelity prototyping that works greatly for concept and usability testing verification.

Earlier,it was complicated to collaborate on mobile devices but with the rise in the number of robust apps, that thing is changing. Today, top developers are leveraging mobile apps to store credentials, converse with their team members, and take their businesses to a more advanced level.

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