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How To Use Discord In PC And Phone For PUBG and other Games 



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When playing games on PC or Mobile, players frequently need to tackle two issues: How to converse with each other and put together individuals sufficiently long to get a game moving. Discover this article that listed all top games to play using Discord as your background multiplayer. The free stage, which mixes the congenial visit UI found in applications like Slack with video and voice talk and Skype, has immediately gotten quite possibly the most well known, revealing 250 million clients, with 14 million individuals signing on consistently. Discord is easy to use to converse with your companions while playing games. Still, at the same time, it helps make where individuals can assemble, get together to discover different players, and communalize with each other.


PUBG has taken the gaming world like a storm nowadays, and its base has been extending more continuously. While individuals talk while playing the game, Discord is an alternate option that we can use. Successful communication is urgent on specific occasions, especially at times when you need to revive your teammate! Discord endeavors to set up a particularly vivid gaming experience through its simple to utilize application and UI.


Discord has an element called the in-game overlay, which permits this simplicity of correspondence in Windows. First, we need to get to the Discord settings on the left-down corner, adjacent to the username. Under that, we select Application Settings> switch on the in-game overlay.

We can change the key bind that permits the Toggle Display as per choice on the right side.

Discord also permits the client to tweak displays like the Symbol, the Display Names, and Display users.

This sort of simplicity of customization makes it more popular for gamers.

Then, we select the Game activity and afterward either select the game assuming it is added or select add it to add the game.

Some other setting in the User settings permits the client to link their Discord account to different gaming stages used to play the game. For this, we need to go to and select whichever location should be added.

It is compulsory to join either the server channel or the voice channel before beginning the game. It would be a bit troublesome. The voice channel can be shared by linking, and the others can join. Currently, the application will be on behind the scenes while playing. We can maximize and minimize PUBG on pc by utilizing the alternate routes indicated in the overlay choice. Before playing, turn off the in-game mic to avoid some other unsettling influences during the game.

It would help if you had a welcome URL to join a Discord server. If you don’t know any individual who can welcome you, feature the whole welcome connection close to the server you need to join, then, at that point, press Ctrl+C (Windows) or Cmd+C (macOS).

Welcome links start with https://discord.gg.

Press the ‘+.’ It’s in the left section, close to the highest point of the screen.

Click Join a server. It’s the green button.

Copy and Paste the welcome URL into the blank box. To do this, click the blank, then, at that point, press Ctrl+V (Windows) or Cmd+V (macOS) to paste.

Press Join. It’s the green button at the base right corner of the white window. You are now successfully connected with the Discord server.

Discord servers of famous internet personalities quickly have anywhere between 10,000 members to 100,000 members and sometimes even more. This is where bots come into use. Discord has a feature to add a bot to manage a server, and this means that the bot can send greeting messages and warnings if someone breaks the rules and plays music. Adding bots to your server gives you flexibility and makes your life stress-free if you manage a bog server. Also, it is not crucial that your server has to be significant for you to add a bot. You can even add a bot if you are only on your server.


First things first, download the application. If you don’t, as of now, have an account, click the Register option to create a new account.

After entering individual information like birth date, the Vexa bot does “Confirm,” making it exceptionally simple to demonstrate that Vexa bots are not robots.

Also, Vexa can make its own “room” that Vexa needs. Select “Make my own.”

From that point onward, select which themes can be the fascination of Vexa bot’s “room” when you are done, then, at that point, like “Take me to my server!”

In the “Expires” segment, select “No limits.” Vexa’s “room” is prepared. Welcome your good old buddies to partake in your server!

To play PUBG Mobile through Discord, select the “three flat lines” menu in the upper left corner. Then, at that point, click on the “General” submenu at the lower part of the “Voice Channels” menu. Then, from there, you select the option “Join Voice.” The discord voice chat is now active, and you can utilize it to communicate with your buddies while you play. To add your companions, click on the “+” image. To end the voice visit, basically press the red “x” button.

You can join other servers and join companions’ servers, gaming YouTubers, people groups, or even the authority server of a game like PUBG Mobile.

Before joining the server, you should initially have the server interface. If it’s not too much trouble, click the connection. If you have it, you can follow the means underneath.

The first phase in joining another server is to choose the symbol menu.

From that point forward, you can press the in addition to (+) symbol and select the ‘Join a server.’

The subsequent stage is to put the server link you have in the segment accommodated for it. Then, at that point, select the “Join Server” button.

In the next step, the screen will show the server’s name you need to follow, then, at that point, click the “Accept Invitation” button.

When you press the button, the server page you need to follow opens naturally, and you are successfully joined.

Happy Gaming!

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