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What is IPTV? How to Monetize Your Own IPTV Channel?


Have you ever thought about where exactly, all the media content that you are watching such as television programs and super-rated VODs, gets streamed by using the prime source internet?

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Let me tell you here comes the role of IPTV solution into the picture, IPTV stands for “Internet Protocol Television”.

If I talk about it in technical language, IPTV service is a system that makes it possible for the media content to reach people’s devices using the internet connection. The viewers need to make sure that content providers create relevant, steady, and spectacular experiences for their users.

How Do Monetize Your IPTV?

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If your streamed content has got popularity and you have a huge fan following, then you must look for how to generate revenue from your IPTV channel. Creating your IPTV channel will increase your viewers as well as, it will increase your revenue generation opportunities.

You can also invest in IPTV infrastructure that can help you to reach the tens of billions of dollars globally. Telecom operators are extremely desperate about it and are seeking to jump into all revenue generation services available to them through IPTV service delivery.

Last Year in the United States, revenue generated through the commercial T.V advertisement market was very fascinating. The picture is very much clear here, revenue from tv advertisements is growing very aggressively around the whole world.

Programmers and advertisers are exploring every new method for making TV ads more assessable and viable with IPTV Middleware.

There was a time when IPTV was just limited to bigger companies, having unlimited bank accounts and too many resources. But, Today IPTV is providing an opportunity so that anyone can create a quantifiable IPTV channel for streaming content online as per their dreams.

What Are The Types of IPTV Services?

Here I am going to tell you about the types of IPTV services that are most common these days.

1. Video on Demand

OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have already mashed bright. The customer charges a subscription fee to grant you access to their immersive content library. The IPTV Video On Demand functions in the same manner. The IPTV video systems are challenged with audio and video file compressions that are carried with Internet Protocol Multimedia transmission.

2. Near Video On Demand

The unique aspect of NVOD delivery is that content streamed on these channels has a fixed schedule and new content. PPV Edition is made once the schedule ends. This model has usually used PPV services to charge for the content from the users. It is employed to take satellite service providers and cable operators too.

3. TV on Demand

It also has almost the same working model as VoD it also enables you to watch your content anywhere. Since it is just limited to movies and other tv shows shown on the channels. Its cost depends upon the TVOD. It is usually on a per movie or per show basis.

4. Live Broadcast

This is nearly similar to the live award shows or cricket games that you watch on your smart TV. The crucial difference is very technical. Live Broadcast is delivered and displayed to the end-users. In this case, the content is broadcasted here to the users using the internet instead of the coaxial cable.

5. Time Shifted TV

It is too suggestive of the services that it provides. It enables you to showcase all video content that your viewers missed.  This is available only for a limited period of time in the future.

Most popular methods of monetizing your IPTV channel

6. Advertisement

Advertisement is the most common and most renowned way to monetize your streamed content, If you think about making money through your streamed content. There are many options available for adding different types of advertisements in between your content.

Pre-roll ads- Short commercial add videos which are added to your streamed content are known as pre-roll ads. If a  user is watching a video this ad will pop up on the tv screen Video Ads- We could add video ads in-between the video content or maybe before the video like standard television. Ads of a specific length could be added to your videos It will help you in generating a very huge amount of money.

7. Monthly Subscriptions

If you keep updating new content on your IPTV channel then you must set up your monthly subscription plan This will help you to generate revenue for delivering unlimited quality content to your users. This will lead your IPTV channel towards big growth.

8. Google Ad-sense

Google owns the world’s largest online advertising platform, it can be used for reaching a large audience and can thus generate a very big amount of revenue. It allows you to add ads to your streaming video content or websites.

9. Video-on-deamnd

If your streamed content is no longer generating revenue. The  Video On Demand allows you to propose the video content on users’ demand, where they can watch your content anytime. Using this technique you can generate revenue from your audience. It doesn’t matter that your viewers are accessing content from which location or through. Whether it’s through a set-top box, computer, computer, tablet, or iPhone, the more your content gets popular, the more money you can earn.

How Do IPTV Works?

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IPTV is too much similar to browsing the internet rather than traditional channel surfing. It merely uses IP (Internet Protocol), a transport protocol and its delivery mechanism to deliver the videos to the viewers. When the viewer clicks on the TV program or requests any video, video from different sources (servers) are divided into small data packets and sent over the internet. Video servers transmit these programs through fiber-optic cable to the existing household via the internet connection and then the requests are sent out and shows are sent back.

Why you should start an IPTV business?

When the global pandemic hit the online entertainment industry was already on the rise. When people were confined to their homes then their only source of entertainment was digital entertainment. The higher demand naturally accelerated its growth. Which makes it a wonderful opportunity to start a business in this field.

An IPTV solution for businesses should also be able to deliver high-quality playback at the user-end with easy-to-use features for the customers.

  • The main advantage of this business is that it helps reach a wider audience
  • It gives you more choices on how to market the content
  • There are much more things available subscription-based services, digital downloads, live streaming on a paid basis, etc

World’s Best IPTV Solution Providers

Here is the list of the best IPTV providers that you must know..


It is the best IPTV provider. It easily enables the service providers and telecom operators to instantly start their IPTV business. Their core technologies also include the IPTV Head-End traditional deployment model or the SaaS deployment model.


Its services include the availability of built-in infrastructure features such as an online video player, transcoding, and cloud hosting. IT has more than 500 features for management and also for the monetization process.


It provides a flexible one-stop shop to build your own  IPTV platform from the scratch and deliver it to the users across multiple platforms. It provides various monetization solutions.

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