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10 amazing examples of App Store Optimization Companies (2021)


Ever wondered why some Apps perform better than others despite being considered inferior in functionality? Well, yes, superior functionality is one of the most important things an App can have. But with millions and millions of Apps in the App Store and hundreds, if not thousands, more being registered every day, how can you help your App stand out from the crowd?

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App Store Optimization has helped some unlikely candidates beat well-funded Silicon Valley startups in the race for App downloads. Besides creating a wonderful, functional App, there is one more thing you can do to bring this App to the people, and that is App Store Optimization (ASO). Here are ten great tips and tricks practiced by companies that have leveraged ASO successfully.

Money From Apps (Frequently review your Keyword Rankings)

This is a lesson from Justin Mailk who makes his money from his numerous Apps in App Stores today. In 2013, Justin left his job and decided to delve into the world of app development full-time. Before he discovered the secret of frequently reviewing keyword rankings to promote his apps, he made about $10 a day from his Apps for the few days, and then nothing. Justin’s advice is to review the rankings of the keywords used to promote your App – and do it every week. This is in an effort to adapt to the changing conditions in the App store and to the ever-fickle moods displayed by users online.

Tapps Games (Use Crowdsourcing to generate ideas)

This is a strategy used by one of the most successful App store sellers today. Felipe Watanabe of Tapps Games says that one of the main reasons why his company has achieved more than 10 million downloads is because no idea is too far-fetched for them to consider. This goes for App ideas as well as App promotion ideas. So join like-minded forums, read up on all the best App promotional ideas and ask people what Apps they’d like to have to achieve App store domination.

Game Scorpion Inc. (Localize your keywords)

Abhinav Gupta of Game Scorpion Inc. brings a whole new perspective to App Store Optimization and keyword localization. One of the very first things he tells anyone who is interested in making money through App development is that they should always remember these 6 letters when they are working on their optimization: T.R.I.C.K.S

  • Title
  • Reviews
  • Icon
  • Customer
  • Keywords
  • Screenshots and videos

He says that when it comes to localized keyword optimization; do not feel restrained by any kind of language barrier. Just because a certain keyword does not rank highly in English doesn’t necessarily mean that it is also ranks low in Mandarin. Find out how well keywords fare in different languages and rank your App keywords in whatever language works best.

Snapper for Digital Ocean (Avoid tips, tricks, and advice that does not work)

According to Nic Raboy of Snapper for Digital Ocean, one of the best ways to start making money through App store optimization is to stop wasting money on optimization tricks that do not work. He specifically mentions ‘paid reviews’ as a strategy that will waste your money, time, and energy that could have been spent doing other things to promote your Apps.

Cloudon (Add Keywords to the title)

Sometimes, it can be as simple as doing something that you may already be doing. Cloud on, one of the biggest document-sharing Apps today, achieved phenomenal success by simply adding targeted keywords to the title. This, however, has to be based on great keyword research. According to Kissmetrics, Apps that have keywords within the titles see a 10.3% increase in ranking.

Veg Pest ID (Make good use of keyword suggestion tools)

As much as you may think that you have found every possible keyword that will do well in the App store, chances are you haven’t thought of everything yet. John Mitchell of Veg Pest ID says that using keyword suggestion tools is a great way to discover new, obscure, and well-hidden keywords that just might help improve your rank.

Mindvalley Mobile (Do not be afraid to experiment with your screenshots)

The CEO of Mindvalley Mobile, Kshitij Minglani, advises sellers to experiment with their screenshots. This is a strategy that you can use to convert search rankings into valuable downloads. He also recommends using Facebook Ads. These two tricks helped increase the download growth of their Omvana app to about 125%.

Apptation Inc. (Build your App portfolio)

The rule of thumb is that your App will start making money ones it has more than 500 downloads. Chris Lacombe of Apptation believes that one of the best ways to make money through Apps is to have a huge portfolio. You do not need to make it big with just one App. You can have many Apps that bring in the numbers together.

Sega (Think about Google Play Optimization as well)

Spiros Christakopoulos, a senior manager at Sega says that Google Play Optimization plays a huge role in driving up downloads as well as sales. It is not just about App Store Optimization, but about all the things you can do within the same market to improve your App’s visibility.

PressPad (Make good use of standard ASO practices)

Wojtek Szywalski of Presspad says that sometimes, it is not about that one trick or strategy that will increase your downloads, it is about adhering to standard ASO practices and making sure that you follow all the good advice you can get your hands on. Consistency is key to App Store Optimization.


These are 10 examples of App developers and sellers who have seen incredible success by following these ASO tips and tricks by MOZ. These tips can help you get your App up and running too!


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