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Why Ogymogy is Best Whatsapp Spy Software


People are trying a variety of ways to spy on WhatsApp messenger. Digital parenting and employee monitoring are two basics reasons for tracking the social messaging app. Parents want to see the secret activity of kids on the messenger, and employers want to monitor the employee’s activity on the social network running on business-owned devices. It is a technical thing to monitor text messages, sharing media, text conversations, voice calls, and voice messages logs on WhatsApp. The technology has become advanced over the years, and now we have WhatsApp spy software to get your job done.

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What is the OgyMogy WhatsApp spying app?

It is a kind of software for cellphone devices, and you can install it on any phone or tablet device running with a stable internet connection. You can activate it after installation and get access to the dashboard. Now you can get your hands on the features that are capable enough to monitor and track social messaging apps, like WhatsApp to the fullest. You can read chats, spy on messages, media sharing, and many more.  Every feature is responsible for providing you accurate results. Now you will get to know how you can use it.

How to use WhatsApp spy software?

Are you willing to monitor the WhatsApp of your kids or employees secretly without them knowing? Now you can do that with a phone spying app. You can go to the official webpage and do subscribe to it. You will get a password and ID that you can use for getting access to the online dashboard after you complete the setup on the target phone. Now you can get your hands on mobile phone spy tools that enable you to monitor social messaging app to the fullest.

OS support:

WhatsApp spying app is compatible with the Android and iOS devices running up to Android OS 11 and iOS up to 13.5.

Exclusive Features

  • Retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages on Android without root
  • Record social app voice calls on Android without root

What are the features of the WhatsApp spy app?

Screen recording

You can use the screen recorder tool of the phone spy app on the target phone running with the social messaging apps. It enables you to record the back to back short videos of the screen and send the videos to the online control panel where you can watch the live recorded videos of WhatsApp. It will enable you to know what kids or employees have done on the messenger.



You can secretly examine teens’ and employees’ activity on WhatsApp remotely. You can schedule screenshots on the phone screen by using the mobile phone spy software. It will capture the screenshots and save them on the dashboard. It helps you out to read social network messages, conversations, voice call logs, and media.

Social media monitoring

Social media messenger spy is the best tool for cellphone monitoring software that enables users to track social messaging app logs. You can monitor instant messages, text chat, video, and photo sharing, and last but not least, voice calls logs. You can also spy on the voice messages logs with timestamp/

WhatsApp voice calls

It is one of the exclusive features of the OgyMogy phone tracking app, and you can record social app voice calls without rooting Android devices. You can use IM’s voice call recorder tool to record one-sided VoIP calls and save on the web control panel.

OgyMogy WhatsApp spying app in a nutshell

The rise and the rise of online predators on social media platforms are targeting young kids on instant messaging apps, like WhatsApp. Online predators such as stalkers, cyberbullies, and sexual predators are everywhere on the web, and they use to target teens and share explicit links randomly to children. On the other hand, business enterprises have allowed employees to use social messenger for communication purposes, but they can use business data to the third party on messenger. Therefore, parents and employers must deal with all the odds and protect children and the business respectively, no time ever before.


WhatsApp Spy is the best tool of OgyMogy cellphone spying software in 2020 that empowers you to monitor every move of your child or employee on cellphones. It is the best tool for an online parenting and to keep an eye on employee’s social network activity.

Author Bio:

Stella is a senior writer and blogger who loves to write about spy apps which can help parents and employees to keep an eye on kids and employees. Currently, she is working on a tech bug that provides unbiased best spy app reviews of different monitoring software like review of theonespy.

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