What is CyberBullying

Cyberbullying: What is it and how to stop it


Some years ago, when there was no internet, bullying took place in person. The kids were bullied everywhere, from bus stops to lunch lines during school breaks. In addition to that, in this generation of high-speed internet, bullying takes place online. It’s disturbing to imagine that your kid can be attacked, picked up, and threatened nonstop. But with social networking sites, the bullies can now threaten your kids at night too. Bullies are everywhere. You must stay confident, face your fears and before all, be alert. Talk back at them , report to authorities and concerned web pages if you think you cannot handle it anymore. Approach someone you trust and express your feelings to them. Tell them why you feel safe around them and let them know what is bothering you.  

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In this article, you will learn about cyberbullying and ways to protect your kids from it.

What Is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is the use of technology to persecute, threaten, humiliate, or target somebody. Threats and mean, aggressive or arrogant texts, Twitter posts, comments, or messages all add up in cyberbullying. So you post personal information, photos, or videos meant to punish or embarrass somebody.

Cyberbullying also includes photos, texts, or sections that are not taken even after an individual has been questioned to do so. In other words, it’s anything that’s posted on the internet, and it’s designed to offend, harass, or upset somebody.

Harassment or mean remarks that concentrate on issues such as gender, religious belief, sexual preference, race, or physical characteristics count as discriminatory practices against the legislation in many states. This means that law enforcement could get involved, and the abusers could face severe punishments.

Online harassment can be especially harmful and upsetting since it is usually anonymous or difficult to track down. It’s also difficult to control, and the complainant has no clue how many people have seen texts or posts. Individuals can be tortured nonstop anytime they check their phone or computer.

What Are the Consequences of Cyberbullying?

Sometimes online harassment, like other types of harassment, can lead to severe, long-lasting issues. Stress that you are in a continual state of anger or dread can lead to issues with mood, power, sleep, and desire to eat. It can also make a person feel agitated, anxious, or depressing. If somebody is stressed or suicidal, cyberbullying can make matters even worse.

It isn’t just the individual being harassed who’s going to get hurt. The penalty for cyberbullying may be extreme. Even more colleges and post-school services are developing frameworks to react to cyberbullying. Educational institutions may expel or suspend bullies from sports leagues. Any form of cyberbullying can breach school codes or even break anti-discrimination or sexual assault laws. Thus, a cyberbully could face severe legal difficulties.

Why Do People Do It?

Why would somebody be a bully online? There are likely as many explanations as there are for the bullies involved. Perhaps what seems to be online stalking can be unintentional. The impersonal aspect of text messages, tweets, and other ways of communication online means that it can be hard to work out whether or not anyone is kidding.

Most people understand that they’re being harassed, however, whether it includes repeated insults or attacks. People who are bullied know they’ve crossed the line, though. It isn’t a one-off prank or an insult relentlessly; it’s abuse and attacks that go beyond standard, friendly bullying, or a rude remark made in frustration.

How to Protect Kids from Cyberbullying?

Often people are nervous or not sure whether they’re being harassed or not. So they’re not doing much about it. Whether you are bullied, abused, or humiliated in a harmful manner, or whether you meet anyone who is, you don’t have to sit in silence. In addition to this, you must report any troubling calls, tweets, posts, or messages.

Below are some key points for kids regarding cyberbullying,

Avoid the Bullies

Everything you’ve known about running away from a real-life bully only works in the virtual universe. Avoiding bullies is the easiest way to strip away their strength, but it’s not always easy to do in the actual world or the internet. 

Try the Report Option

Social media platforms take this seriously whether users share cruel or rude things or make false profiles. If people experience harassment, the site administrator can, in the future, ban the user from accessing the site. If somebody sends you a message or call, report it to your contact service or the message service providers such as Verizon, Comcast, and Google.

Block the Bullies

Most of the phones have settings that allow you to electronically ban the bully or bullies from sending messages or calls. If you don’t know how to do it, you can ask a friend or search up the internet. Follow the steps and block the bully on your phone.

Be Careful Online

Password safeguards your mobile and web pages and also updates your keys. Only share your passwords with your guardians or family members. It’s also a smart thing to consider twice about posting personal details or photos and videos that you wouldn’t want the public to see. If you have shared a picture or message, it could be difficult or even impossible to erase it. So, try to be vigilant when sharing pictures or reacting to someone’s irritating message.

Make Yourself Aware

Actively look for data and information about laws and methods to protect and safeguard yourself against bullies. Various sites have very helpful videos that can inform you about taking the appropriate steps. Several times it may also happen that you are watching a video that you wish to keep but are unable to download, in such a case visit 4Hub.net to download these videos and stay ahead of the bullies.

The World Wide Web is much like the real world. While there are great things to take away and enjoy, it can also be a dangerous place. Many times people tend to stay quiet about such things. Do not. This only encourages the bully and harms your mental health. Stay strong, live strong and be well.


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