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Using multiple devices in-home or office, people need to ensure that their connection should have maximum speed when streaming or working on the internet. 

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Now, stop and look around your home; how many devices are connected with your local internet connection. Did you count? Let me guess for you! It’s probably more than three devices. But, unfortunately, this is too obvious in the present time we live in. Therefore, we suggest you visit this page to understand and its reliance. 

Phones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, even our TV and washing machine want to stake a claim on wifi bandwidth. Because of these various types of devices, we need to consider whether the router can simultaneously serve numerous devices when purchasing a router. 

We will simplify things you need to consider in this roundup when choosing a router and which router most fits multiple streaming devices.

Top 5 routers for multiple devices: 2021

Google wifi 

Google wifi redeems your regular standards of a router and grants seamless coverage throughout your home or office. Google wifi probably the best router in the market now. An experiment shows that google wifi point is strong enough to handle up to 200 devices and provide 4k streaming video smoothly.

Key features : 

  • Help to reduce dead zones and buffer.
  • The wifi point reaches up to 1,500 square feet; a set of three covers homes up to 4,500 square feet.
  • Ensure excellent network performance with a 710 MHz quad-core processor
  • No antenna 
  • Alexa and Google home supportive

Tplink archer AX-50

Tplink archer ax-50 can be your “best ideal home router.” It comes with lifetime malware protection, and the best part is it has parental controls feature. Also, the price is quite flexible.

Key features:

  • Dual-core processor with WPA/WPA-2 enterprise-level wifi encryption
  • Malicious site checker
  • 5GHz wifi speed with 4x fixed high-performance antenna that covers more directions and large area.
  • High power FEM increases transmission power to gain signal coverage.

Netgear Nighthawk x10

Netgear nighthawk x10 is recognized as “a router with velocity and range that meets your modern needs.” This device’s wifi can stream 4k content without buffering, and you can play online games without lag. That’s what people who used it say about the router.

Key features:

  • Its made with a power of 1.7Ghz quad-core processor and a speed of 802.11ac.
  • It has 802.11ad wireless radio that helps to stream 4k movies without missing a beat and VR games faster ever before.
  • Netgear nighthawk x10 contains MU-MIMO (multiple user-multiple inputs, output) that enhances stream and doubles the speed of wifi to the mobile device on the network you are using.

D-Link DIR-890L

D-link DIR-890L is known for its best range of wireless coverage. This device contains AC3200 solutions that allow the best mix of legacy and devices to connect over a single network. People over the internet define it as a “racing car” by not its look but on its inside material and performance.

Key features: 

  • Decent range of problem-free wifi and progressive AC Smart bean that traces your devices attached to it.
  • 1ghz dual-core processor with Tri-band wifi.
  • You can install DD-WRT on the router that adds a more comprehensive capability to your router, improve security and quality of service.
  • For fast and speedy connection, it has Gigabit wan

Asus RT-AC88U

Asus RT-ACC88U is called “a router of gamers’ choice.” Asus made gaming hardware and consider gamers’ choice; it launches this model device which is the best in the market for gamers. If you are a gamer, maybe it’s the best choice. Also, because it uses MU-MIMO, it allows serving up to four clients concurrently.

Key features:

  • For gamers, RT-AC88U allows free membership of GPN(gamers’ private network). This service claims to route gaming traffic away from a busy network and guarantee more solid ping time.
  • Ultra-fast 802.11ac boosts the speed of online gaming, live stream, smooth 4k video playing with a speed of 3167mbps.
  • It gives you a more suitable option to control your network by using the ASUS router app.
  • The flexibility of connecting as many devices as you want with a supreme speed of up to 2gbps.

So, these are the top routers to consider when you buy a new router. These key features will help you with which model to pick and why. But grasp in mind even you buy the best router on the market, your speed depends on many other conditions. Like 

  • Home size
  • Speed of your broadband connection
  • How many devices you are using
  • Frequency bands
  • Types of Router

When purchasing a new router, remember to estimate the size of your house, upload and download speed you get given from your ISP(internet service provider), how many devices you want to attach through your wifi network. 

Hopefully, with the products detailed earlier, you should be equipped with all the data you’ll need to make the best choice for your necessities.

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