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Five things you can do if your IP address is blacklisted


In this 21st century, our world is full of digitalization in every sector one could imagine. Every service that we use has its pros and cons. The same is with apps we use nowadays as our friends in certain ways to make our online activities easy. Still, here we can also make those apps our foes if we do not use them properly or take proper precautions! Sometimes we use too many terms of this technological world since we are nonprofessional, so here I am to help you! Let us discuss the steps you need to take if your IP address is blacklisted?

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Therefore, you must be thinking about what IP address is and what is blacklisted since you have been new to these terms!

Do you often get popup notifications in your email about your message not being delivered very often, and of course, you do ignore it! 

What is an IP address?

Name an Internet Protocol address (IP address), such as, is associated with a PC network that communicates via the Internet Protocol. An IP address has two primary functions: host or organization interface identification and area or location of access.

Why is an IP address blacklisted?

Just as your phone provides you with the TrueCaller App that tells you about spam numbers, you also have the option of blocking and spam protection in your network devices! It is a process, which is used to filter out fake or illegal IP addresses. It is a list containing individual IP addresses that are to be blocked.

Several email hosting providers use public blacklists to limit spam coming into their network. To do this, communications from suspected malicious IP addresses will be blocked. Blacklists are lists of blocked IP addresses. These are specifically done to prevent the web from different attacks from other traffic. This is majorly achieved by setting up rules in the host server’s software or hardware.

Therefore, until a particular IP address is removed from the blacklist, all the emails from that IP address shall bounce back. If you own a Wi-Fi networking device, you can learn how to login to your default IP Address of via We have created a simple and detailed guide for you to configure your router accordingly. Our website features articles and blogs about various Wi-Fi and networking devices.Five things you can do to remove your IP address from the blacklist:

  • Initially, try finding out on which blacklist you have been listed. 


You have to find which IP address you are on. Because as you know, there are many IP addresses that are widely used. There are devices such as MXtoolbox and MultiRBL to help you identify your problem.

MXToolbox is a free, fast, and accurate tool for lookup. This app will test a mail server IP address over 100 email blacklists. If you do not know the mail server address, you should start looking with the MXlookup tool.

MultiRBL is also a free tool for lookup against DNS over 150 email blacklists.

Once you know which IP address your email is blacklisted, it will be easy to resolve your problem. This will be one step ahead for you to remove your email from your blacklist.

Another application called Spamhaus operates several blacklists, and through this, you can search on which blacklist your IP address has been labeled and briefly read the steps to follow to be removed from the blacklist. On these lists, you can also use tools like MXtoolbox or MultiRBL. These tools can help check up the boycotts and correctly guide on which records your IP address has been mentioned.

  • If you have distinguished the rundown you are on, you can now request delisting. 

You should visit the association’s website (if it has one) and find out where they take delisting requests.

Similarly, there are many other blacklists like Barracuda, Spamcop, Invaluement, Cashback, and PSBL. You can find out on which categories you have been blacklisted and proceed further to be removed. 

  • Now and then, the association requests an IP address. 

Some may ask for more information, such as the organization’s name and the reason for mentioning it. It may also be useful to incorporate where your endorsers can sign up and even what kinds of messages you send.   

  • If any ISP blacklists your Domain-Name or IP Address, you must request that it be delisted (removed).

After identifying your IP address in a particular blacklist, you can request the removal of your IP address from the blacklist. Your issue will be solved in 24 hours or so. Some of the IP addresses will remove you from the blacklist after identifying if it is theft or not. There are different processes for removal from a different IP address. There is also a removal instruction for the removal of your IP address from the blacklist. Similarly, if your IP address is blacklisted in another IP, a removal page helps you remove it from the blacklist.

  1. It is important to follow the URL links and apply for delisting through their online structure. Alternatively, you might want to send an email to the referenced email address. 

How to prevent getting blacklisted?

You can follow the steps to avoid getting blacklisted once again after taking all the necessary steps to remove yourself from the blacklist.

  • Keep a maintained opt-in list: These lists can be helpful. It takes a lot of time to be popular, but this list can surely help you from being blacklisted. Opt-in lists prevent users from being bombarded with content that they have not subscribed to or permitted to.
  • Remove those emails from the lists which have already bounced back your email or if your mails are labeled as undelivered. The more one tries to email these addresses, the more chances of getting blacklisted increases.
  • Perform regular corrections so that the chance of sending emails repeatedly to the sites where your emails get bounced back often lessens and is ultimately removed.
  • Verify email addresses: Utilize email verification tools to ensure that their emails are authentic, such as ZeroBounce and Kickbox. Verifying an email through these services ensures you do not open any fraudulent links and prevents your device from virus and malware attacks.
  • Importance of VPN service: A virtual private network service is an effective way to deal with blacklisting. This network assigns you a virtual IP address different from the original work allowing you to work with a different IP address to resume your work.

If you want to avoid being blacklisted, you can follow these basic things, and you will reduce your chances of getting on a blacklist. Therefore, the conclusion is to be aware of spammers and malware threats!

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