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The Most Prominent Reasons Apps Fail & How to Avoid Them


Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. So many things are associated with our phones. Be it work, study, fitness, or anything else, we have an application for everything. And that brings us to the focal point that is application.

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Mobile applications have come a long way from the evolution of smartphones. Today you can have custom mobile application development for your startup or business. And that without much of a hassle. All you need is a development company by your side, and that is it.


But there are a plethora of applications that developers are uploading daily on the stores. Unfortunately, most of the applications tend to fail, and it is not because of the competition. Some even don’t see the day of the light and are discarded in the development process only.

Others that do, fail to capture the essence of being user-friendly or UI/UX. So, what is the real reason that applications fail to do good on the big stage? To help you out, we will be covering five of the main reasons why applications fail.

Though there could be other reasons, these five are pretty standard and mainly the basis for a failure of an app.

1. Not Developing a User-Friendly App

The first thing that many applications tend to do wrong is that they do not make an application user-friendly. In an era where there is so much stress on user experience, this is a big mistake. As a result, it fails to hold on to your users’ attention, and they fail to stay on their phones.

Mobile applications are distinct in that they are designed with a specific set of activities in view. It should be allowing individuals to do things fast while on the go with minimum navigating. It is too much of a hassle if they have to sign in, travel across multiple web pages, and then discover the page they’re seeking.

2. Not Properly Focusing on The Marketing Aspect

Another common mistake that many new startups tend to is that they don’t focus much on marketing. Pick any Fortune 500 company and have a look at their expenditure. You will see a significant portion of their expenditure is on the marketing department. Hence it gives them visibility and makes them the brand they are.

The creation of a mobile app is both costly and time-consuming. But after the lengthy, complex procedure comes to an end, but you are only halfway through the job. In a competitive field, getting market visibility over your competition is no simple matter.

It requires much more time and takes even more expenditure. New applications on the market have to start with PPC advertisements on prominent advertising companies. For a new application having extensive marketing and advertising campaign is imperative.

It would be much better if you plan on it from the very beginning. Set aside a budget for the marketing of your application. Also, craft out a plan for each business development phase of your app. It would help with a marketing campaign when the application is in the survival stage, saturation stage, or when it is in decline.

They would not consider it worth their time and uninstall the app. So, you need an application that is helping users save time and is easy to operate.

Mobile applications must be straightforward, single-serving portals into a company or corporate websites broader. They should not do not have any sophistication that leads to the dissatisfaction of the user. Also, you need to pay extra attention to the UX/UI of your application. It needs to look good to do good.

3. Security Risks

When data breaches and losses are pretty common, building an application with security protocol is necessary. Users will only use your app if they are sure that it is entirely safe and secure. However, this is not an easy task for any developer as there are many complications in doing so.

Developing a public-facing API that allows users access to your data and functions is one of the most challenging aspects of the mobile app development procedure. This procedure usually takes anywhere from a year to two.

When developers engage with user access and disclose functionality, they take a significant chance and add complexity. The further you can do sans uncovering logic through APIs, the more influential the application would be. All in all, being an essential part of your application, it can be challenging to incorporate it in your app.

And this is where many of the applications fail. When users lose confidence in the security of an application, they simply uninstall it. Therefore, regardless of the complications, the security of your application has to be rock-solid.

4. Number of Downloads Are Low

Application developers frequently invest a significant quantity of effort and money in developing a smartphone application. It would be disappointing only to discover that no one is using it. Many of the users install mobile applications once in their lives and are hardly seen again.

The reason behind this behavior is that the app is not up to date with the new trends. Therefore, it becomes outdated since there is not much focus on the recent trends. As a result, many of the users leave a bad rating which dents the ratings on the play store. Consequently, it leads to a low number of downloads.

Therefore, collecting reviews and tracking behaviors inside your mobile applications is critical as soon as you launch. The better the rating, the more regularly you issue upgrades. By doing so, you would ensure that the ratings of your application are high. Eventually, it would increase the number of downloads.

5. Resource Underestimation

The last thing on the list that many startups do is miscalculate the resources necessary for the app. To make matters even more complicated, hiring professional mobile developers is a difficult challenge. App development companies are in short supply right now. It is worse when it comes to hiring developers. They often get to pick and choose whatever applications they want to work on.

Wrapping Up

These are some significant reasons why many of the applications fail to do well on the big stage. Though some of the factors are not in your control, there are few issues that you can take care of at the development phase. Therefore, you need to partner with a company that knows what it is doing.

Finding a mobile application development company in West Palm Beach or any other state can be a challenge. You would have to go through their portfolios, have a thorough discussion with them about your project, etc. But this would be the moment that would be setting the tone for your application.

It would be determining whether your application would be able to do good or not. Then, with the help of professionals, you can develop a robust gaming application in no time. And it is not just the gaming application. And it is not just for gaming; be it for any industry, with the right team, you can achieve your goal.

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