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Why Should you Start an Online Video Education Platform?


An Online Video Education Platform

Technological developments are happening rapidly and in various fields. They are being incorporated in the field of education as well. This has led to the question: is online learning better than classroom learning? Well, online learning is a mode of education that is more inclusive than just classroom learning. It helps students of different abilities learn with ease.

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While classroom learning is essential for hands-on experience, schools should also invest in an education video streaming solution. Individuals too can share their knowledge through such platforms. There are many benefits of an online educational platform and e-learning is not just confined to getting an online degree. It can include learning skills, understanding concepts, or conducting research. As a teacher, an online learning platform is one of the best tools to provide education and build a business around your knowledge.

Memorable Experience of Learning from Educational Videos

When teachers are using online video Education in education, they can provide better stimulation to students. Audiovisual content is automatically more interesting than just the printed information in textbooks. All educational videos have pictures as well as audio. One of the biggest advantages of online learning is that it can be interactive. Educational videos can be introduced in physical classrooms and students can be encouraged to interact more. These online video Education can have simple animations or audio with text-on-screen. Such visualization is enough to stimulate students and hold their attention for a long period.

Does learning on video education platforms boost cognitive development?

If you are wondering what are the benefits of online learning, then you should know that online platforms for educational videos are great at improving cognitive abilities. Following are 3 ways in which these educational video platforms are great for developing the brain.

  • Online Quiz Sessions

Online quizzes are a method of testing memory. Students can be encouraged to learn and remember concepts. Quiz sessions can be really fun and interactive. These sessions allow teachers to set short questions and quiz students on all topics taught in class.

  • Informative Educational Videos

Watching educational videos can stimulate the auditory and visual senses of students. Younger students who have a short attention span will be more interested in a topic, especially a complex one if they find the learning session fun. This is where the importance of video in education lies. Students will learn to understand speech better and develop cognitive skills of recognizing and remembering concepts.

  • Detailed Blog Posts for Better Comprehension

Educational platforms can have blog posts with additional information. These will be useful when the students are doing projects or even homework. Additional posts with more facts and information encourage a research-based study method.

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Why are education costs reduced in online learning?

Compared to traditional learning in schools or such institutions, the cost of online education is much less. There are several reasons for this and they have been listed below.

  • Less overhead

The overhead is much less in online education. If classes are being provided through Online Video Education platforms, then there is no cost of classrooms, utilities, or hard copies of course materials. There is just the one-time cost involved in setting up the platform and the charges of developing content.

  • Knowledgeable Teachers

One of the advantages for teachers through educational video platforms is that they can provide education without a university-level degree. Their qualifications in the subject matter but they do not need extra education or any unnecessary degrees. They can be knowledgeable in a topic and share their expertise.

  • No Classroom Supplies Required

Educational video content does not need physical supplies like stationary. The online material is sufficient.

  • Material Can Be Reused

Online course materials available on educational video platforms can be reused. Teachers can use the same material for a new batch of students.

Is traditional education better than Online Video Education platforms?

Traditional education is necessary to teach students interactive skills as well motor skills. Lessons in physical classrooms are based on strict routines but also foster a spirit of teamwork, especially in younger students. But the pros of online learning cannot be denied. Online learning allows students to study at their own pace and build schedules that suit their learning abilities. This method of learning is suitable for students of all ages and encourages them to adopt a more flexible method of education. The benefits of using video in education are primarily seen in the development of cognitive skills. While online learning will never replace traditional learning completely. Both these modes can happen at the same time and when that happens, students benefit and learn the most.

Advantages of E-Learning from a Teacher’s Perspective

Teachers too benefit from educational videos and online classes. Some advantages of online learning from the teacher’s point of view have been listed below.

  • Personalized Content

Effective educational videos can be tailored to suit a student’s needs. Students with learning difficulties can be taught subjects more simply through the use of videos that are specifically created for them.

  • Flexible Approach

E-learning is more flexible than traditional learning as a variety of subjects are taught and the timings of classes are flexible. Students can decide what to learn, including topics beyond the usual ones taught in schools. Teachers can also choose courses that are pre-recorded or downloadable material so that students can study on their own time.

  • Easily Accessible

One of the answers to the question of why online learning is beneficial is that educational videos can be accessed from various devices. Students need just a stable internet connection and they can easily study from home, on their mobile phones or computers.

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  • More Interactive

There are fewer distractions in e-learning and students are encouraged to communicate their issues better. Teachers can have one-to-one sessions to help clear doubts and interact with students so that they can learn better.

  • Fosters Better Connection

Through emails, chats, and one-to-one virtual lessons, teachers can connect better with students. This is especially beneficial to students who are unable to attend physical classes.


The advantages of educational videos are countless and have been more emphasized in the past year when students were unable to go to school. Education can be effectively customized through online modes of learning and thus, students will improve in various subjects quickly. Since these online education video platforms are accessible, they are instrumental in promoting quality education to many students.

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