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Exploring iOS 17: Top 5 Features Exclusive to iPhone 12 and Later



In the thrilling world of technology, it’s no surprise that we’re always waiting for the next big thing. With Apple, the excitement doubles, right? Speaking of which, let’s dive deep into the newest tech wave: iOS 17. It’s time to uncover the top 5 features exclusive to iPhone 12 and later.

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1. Refreshed User Interface

Ah, the first impression always matters. And Apple understands this! The iOS 17 brings a revitalized user interface that’s visually enchanting. Imagine walking into a newly renovated home. That’s the feel! It’s familiar but breathes freshness.

1.1 Crisp Iconography

With more refined and detailed iconography, your iPhone is not just smart, it’s stylish too. How cool is that?

1.2 Simplified App Layout

Streamlined app layouts make the user experience smoother. It’s like having a personal assistant, tidying up your workspace for maximum productivity.

2. Enhanced Augmented Reality

The iOS 17 makes strides in the realm of Augmented Reality (AR). It’s like diving into a Sci-Fi movie. Only, it’s your daily life!

2.1 Advanced AR Capabilities

The AR capabilities are beyond belief. Picture going furniture shopping from your living room. Or a dress rehearsal in your mirror, minus the dress! Yes, it’s that phenomenal!

2.2 ARKit 4

The latest ARKit 4 framework enhances developers’ ability to create even more immersive experiences. They’re the backstage heroes, and we’re in for a treat!

3. Superior Camera Functionality

Your iPhone 12 or later now doubles as a professional-grade camera, thanks to iOS 17.

3.1 Night Mode Improvements

Night mode now produces sharper images with even better color accuracy. It’s like the difference between a starry night and a galaxy teeming with colorful nebulae.

3.2 Deep Fusion Technology

The Deep Fusion technology enhances every pixel for ultra-detailed pictures. Imagine a magnifying glass that brings out the beauty in everything.

4. Improved Security Measures

In the era of digital threats, iOS 17 ramps up its defense system. It’s like having a personal bodyguard for your data.

4.1 Data Tracking Transparency

We now have more control over our data. A much-needed feature, isn’t it? Imagine your own switchboard to control what leaves and stays in.

4.2 Secure Face ID Recognition

The new Face ID recognition feature further bolsters security. It’s like having a digital lookalike that only you can mimic.

5. Advanced Siri Capabilities

With iOS 17, Siri gets a boost too. Now, she’s more than an assistant; she’s an ally.

5.1 Expanded Language Support

Siri now understands more languages and dialects. It’s like having a multilingual friend in your pocket.

5.2 Enhanced On-Device Learning

Siri can now learn from your behaviors to predict your needs. It’s like your best friend, always knowing what you’re thinking!


In conclusion, the iOS 17 is a revolutionary leap for Apple, enhancing both the user experience and the technological prowess of the iPhone 12 and later. These five features are only the tip of the iceberg! Ready to dive deeper into the ocean of Apple’s innovation?


  1. What are some key features of iOS 17 exclusive to iPhone 12 and later? The top features include a refreshed user interface, advanced AR capabilities, improved camera functionality, enhanced security measures, and advanced Siri capabilities.
  2. Does the new iOS 17 feature improved security measures? Yes, the iOS 17 has introduced features like data tracking transparency and secure Face ID recognition to enhance the security of your device.
  3. What improvements does iOS 17 bring to the iPhone’s camera functionality? iOS 17 introduces significant improvements in the camera department such as improved Night Mode and the use of Deep Fusion technology for ultra-detailed pictures.
  4. How has Siri been improved in iOS 17? In iOS 17, Siri boasts expanded language support and enhanced on-device learning to predict user needs better.
  5. Can you explain the changes in the user interface with iOS 17? iOS 17 introduces a refreshed user interface with more detailed iconography and a simplified app layout for a smoother user experience.

Reference from: https://www.apple.com/in/newsroom/2023/06/ios-17-makes-iphone-more-personal-and-intuitive/

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