Best Free/Paid iOS Games for the Year 2022.


After first quarter of 2021, the Apple App Store is the second-largest app store, with about2.22 million available apps for iOS, of which 957,390 are gaming apps.

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Apple provides its users a smooth gaming experience by using iCloud and Game center services. If you have used apple, you already know that apple gaming experience is one of the best in business.

Below are the categories of games on Apple store:



o       Action

o       Adventure

o       Board

o       Card

o       Casino

o       Casual

o       Dice

o       Educational

o       Family

o       Music

o       Puzzle

o       Racing

o       Role Playing

o       Simulation

o       Sports

o       Strategy

o       Trivia

o       Word

Now, let’s dive into to the reason why you have landed on this page. After personally playing many and going through many other games, we have enlisted what we think is the best in the business.

 The following list is made after considering many varieties of games:

  • Arcade, Adventure, Action, Simulation or Puzzle.
  • Multi-player or Single player
  • Only online or Online-Offline

Though the biggest factor into consideration is popularity; weekly updates, fresh content and ratings have been considered too.                   

So, let’s take a look at list of the Best iOS Games on the Apple store.


Top Free/Paid Games

1. 100 Mystery Buttons

(Publisher: Panteon)

Many Buttons but only one lets you escape!

As simple as that. Many interesting levels and only one goal. To find the right key or in this case the right button.

But how can there be no twist?Every button you choose triggers events good or bad. 

These events can be really challenging sometimes, thus, triggers lots of funs too!


  • Exercise your intuitive brain.
  • New and unique level every time.
  • Good GUI and simple mechanism.
  • Never lets you get bored

With a rating of 4.6/5, this game is ruling the charts since Jan 2021.


2. Roblox 

(Publisher: Roblox Corporation)

Roblox is a virtual world experience that you create with your friends or player worldwide.

Customize your avatar and enter the world the adventure.


  • #1 Adventure game
  • Excellent GUI for chatting and connecting worldwide.
  • Flexible and ever evolving game environment, landscapes.
  • The Scenarios are unique.

#1 in Action on iOS platforms.


3. Brain Riddle – Tricky Puzzles

(Publisher: Doan Thanh)

Brain Riddle is an engaging puzzle game . When you play brainteasergames, you will use your IQ to solve the visual problems we create.

The problem will be a certain plot that requires you to identify characters, objects, find objects or solve the problemsencountered by the characters in the story Sometimes you will feel that there are crazy puzzles, so you shoulddoyour best In this regard, beas open as possible.


  • #1 puzzle game
  • Interesting puzzle levels, from easy to difficult, waiting for you to solve. 
  • Easy-to-understand help tips to help players solve difficult and insurmountable levels.
  • The Level is unique and there is no duplication.


4. Subway Surfers 

(Publisher: Sybo Games ApS) 

Subway Surfer is a quick dash running game.

Several Avatars (to choose from) trying to escape an antagonist and his dog while dodging the upcoming trains.

Did I mention, you do all this while surfing hover board? That’s the cool part.


  • Colorful and vivid HD graphics! 
  • Hoverboard surfing! 
  • Paint Powered Jetpack! Chapter 
  • Lightning Fast Sweep Stunts! 
  • Challenge and help your friends!


5. Smash Hit  

(Publisher: Mediocre AB)

Smash targets in your way in this futuristic dimension and experience the best destruction physics on mobile devices.

Smash! Smash! Smash! That’s the objective of the game.


  • Music synchronization game-music
  • Each stage will have new audio effects.
  • Each new tune will move obstacles 
  • More than 50 different rooms, each stage has 11 different graphic styles and realistic glass Broken mechanism 
  • Smash Hit can be played for free, no ads


6. Call of Duty®: Mobile 

(Publisher: Activision Publishing, Inc.)

Call of Duty: Mobile is a team shooting game.

Multiplayer battle royale with new scenarios.

Teamwork, planning, shooting and high adrenaline rush, that’s call of duty.


  • Colorful and vivid HD graphics! 
  • Smooth graphic and game control
  • Lot of character elements to choose from.
  • High adrenaline rushes and thrill.
  • Team up with your friends and play!


7. Project Makeover

(Publisher: Magic Tavern, Inc.)

Give makeovers to different kinds of people like egotistical fashion icons, scheming assistants, or stubborn clients. Its a great experience for people who love fashion and/or love dressing up. 

Since its fashion it comes with lot of accessories; fashionable clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and even furniture!


  • Makeovers and decorations of people and rooms.
  • Engaging and challenging puzzles.
  • Lots of different characters.
  • Great graphics and smooth storyline.
  • Watch your friends’ makeovers!

8. Arrow Fest

(Publisher: Rollic Games)

Destroy every obstacle that comes in your way with an arrow.

Arrows mathematically multiplies or divides and the final count matters.

It’s easy yet addictive to play.


  • Easy and free levels.
  • Levels increase gradually in difficulty.
  • Simple graphics and fun way.
  • It will exercise your mathematic mind.

9. Among Us! 

(Publisher: InnerSloth LLC)

Among us is a mystery, strategic game. It is a very fun game for people who like to play with friends. Doesn’t it make it a lot better! It was released during the Covid Pandemic making it a fun activity for friends who have to stay home during the lockdown.  

4-15 players online or on local Wi-Fi play together to fly in a spaceship. But one of your mates is actually an imposter.

The crew can win by completing all tasks or by spotting the impostors and expelling them from the ship. 

Imposters can use destruction to create chaos, making it easy to kill and get a better alibi.


  • Something creative and fresh in game market.
  • Intuitive and challenging plays.
  • Good GUI and character customizations.
  • Team and play with your friends!

10. Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D

(Publisher: Tap2Play LLC)

Count Master is a simple and intriguing clash game.

The goal is to conquer the castle but you start all alone.

Pass through correct doors to multiply your stickman army and finally clash with the enemy army.

Lead the troop and capture the castle.


  • Easy and simple game mechanics.
  • Involves basic mathematics skills.
  • Clean and simple graphics.
  • Doesn’t let you get bored.

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