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The Best Mobile Spy App in India with 20+ Features


The internet today is a key factor in shaping the minds of people. Through social platforms, people around the globe, including India, can interact. But there’s a drawback that comes with it too. Innocent young kids can be exposed to dangerous websites or individuals with malicious intentions. 

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If you run a business employee, they may expose crucial information online. But you can control this through the best mobile spy apps in 2021, and on top is TheWiSpy.

What is TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy is the best mobile spy app in India installed on the target device for you to observe its actions remotely. The app provides tracked data regarding messages, phone calls, and social media interactions such as locations, tracking, and more. 

Phone spy app India also runs in the background, in an incognito state, and it helps to track secretly. You will get more than 20 features to spy on your target phone remotely. The spied data is uploaded on the web portal, and users can access it through their own devices. Your dashboard contains all the features listed in a manner where you can simultaneously command and get the results.  

How does TWS work?

When TWS has been installed onto the device, it runs in the background. Thus, it helps keep the application unnoticed on the device being targeted. Once installed, the application will show you all of the data you need to know about the phone in question, like calls and location-based monitoring, social media usage, Instant messages, and many other features. TheWiSpy app collects all of this data and adds it to your online dashboard, which allows you to monitor effortlessly.WiSpy-Salient-Features

TWS 20+ best features

Call tracking:

Within your control panel, you can see all calls to the target device. Call duration, call names, and total calls can all be checked from your control panel. You can still access the call log history even if the user has deleted their call log. This sounds incredible! You can also decide to block incoming calls for specific numbers or contacts and block all calls. You can check these details any time of the day through the mobile spy app India.

Message spy:

TheWiSpy allows you to trace the stored texts from the phone you want to monitor. Your dashboard will display phone numbers, time, text messages, and more. It shows you even text messages that are deleted on the target device, just like in the call log. It’s a great spy app that considers chat history and offers alerts for texts from specific contacts. 

GPS location spy:

TWS’s GPS tracking feature is one of the most powerful among cell phone spy apps. It’ll show you the location through tracking of a phone within seconds using this GPS. You can also get a map showing their exact location for a specified period. If you want to monitor the site history, then you can do that from the online portal.

Website monitoring:

This feature allows you to view the website visited by your monitored device and pages bookmarked. The Indian spy app will also inform you if specific keywords are being searched in your browser. Parents use these functions and know what their children are viewing or accessing online. The increased amount of inappropriate content on web browsers is scary for parents. However, you can also block specific websites if the target phone uses Chrome, Safari, and the native Android browser.

Social media spy:

Social media spying is a new and highly effective feature where you can spy on ongoing social media activities of your kid, employees, and even partner. But, unfortunately, the negative impact of social media apps isn’t hidden, and teenagers and young children are getting affected the most. 

Cybercrimes are rising every going day, and parents are worried sick for kids’ security. You can use the best mobile spy apps in 2021 and keep closer tabs on such activity. TheWiSpy allows the user to read WhatsApp chats, view call logs, monitor feeds of Instagram and Facebook, etc. You can block predators from these platforms and ensure kids are safe online.

Email spy:

All incoming and outgoing emails will be visible in the log file of TheWiSpy. You can view the sender/receiver’s email address, timestamp, and the content of each email. You can still see all data, even if the target user deletes the email. It let you download the attached files in the email and transfer them to the online portal.


Geo-fencing allows you to create a limited number of zones for your target phone. There are no limits so you can block multiple areas. You can also find your lost phone with TWS app. The device will automatically track the frequency and time spent in each location. You can also get your phone to send you an email notification when certain zones are entered or exited. 

Parents use geofencing to protect their children far away. Parents can create a “safe zone” around the house and school of their child, as well as other places they frequent. Then, parents can immediately be notified if their child leaves any of these zones.

Contact and calendar access:

TWS allows you to see saved names and other information on the target phone. You can also view the schedule and calendar of the target phone. In addition, you can view all scheduled meetings and all calendar entries, and any tasks or upcoming events remotely.


The keystrokes typed in the target phone are stored in the TWS server. So, you can log in to any account using the saved information, e.g., passwords, ids, etc. In addition, it allows you to put alerts for specific keywords, such as when your child will enter inappropriate words, you’ll be notified. 

Surround recording:

Surround recording is a remote feature that can let you hear real-time conversations within a certain radius of the target phone. TheWiSpy has access to the mobile microphone, and the user commands the app to start recording through the dashboard. 

The process is simple, TWS uploads the recorded file on the portal, and you can hear the whole conversation remotely through your device. Your employees no longer can hide important details about a meeting because you can listen to them with your ears even when you’re not around. 

Camera spy:

You can capture live events through your target’s mobile camera using the cell phone spy apps. TWS controls the mobile’s camera, making it easy to click pictures without noticing the mark. The images can be viewed on the dashboard after the app uploads them.

Multimedia spy:

Get access to all stored files such as pictures, videos, audios, and more via TWS. In addition, you’ll be able to view these multimedia files and make changes to them using the remote features of one of the best mobile spy apps in 2021.  

TheWiSpy compatibility

TheWiSpy supports various Android devices, so you don’t have to worry about it being an issue. However, when you plan on getting TWS, check your phone’s operating system. If it’s a 4.0 or above version, then you’re suitable to install TheWiSpy on the mobile phone. 

TheWiSpy pricing

TheWiSpy offers incredible price plans for all sorts of spying needs. You’ll have three options to choose from basic plan, premium plan, and platinum plan. It all comes with different price ranges and periods. For example, all packages are available for one month, three, and six month periods. We’re giving you a discrete plan chart so you can get an idea.

Basic plan $19.99 $29.99 $49.99
Premium plan $29.99 $49.99 $79.99
Platinum plan $49.99 $79.99 $119.99

Installing and setting up TheWiSpy

If you require installing TheWiSpy on an android phone, you have to get physical access to it. However, you can follow this simple procedure and get it done in a minimum time. 

  • Get a TWS plan subscription. 
  • Download the spyware on the phone
  • Activate it on the mobile phone
  • Provide access or permission to access stored information
  • Open dashboard on your phone or laptop
  • Start spying on anyone with TheWiSpy


TheWiSpy is a tremendous Indian spy app that parents or employers can use to control digital activities. You know how quickly cybercrimes are rising in India and are affecting the younger generation. You can ensure your kid’s security by spying on their phones using the best spy app TWS. Moreover, it’s an affordable app that won’t charge you extra than you need. So trust us and get started with TheWiSpy Indian spy app. 

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