Understanding The Key Phases Of The Mobile App Development Process
Understanding The Key Phases Of The Mobile App Development Process
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Understanding The Key Phases of The Mobile App Development Process


Online messaging apps have gained a large number of responses from users. Chat apps are a need of today. It is useful in many ways for all generations of people. Users can connect with their family and friends. Businesses can connect with their potential customers easily. It can help you respond to your potential leads, prospects, and customers. The speed of communication is fast enough to perform instant chat.

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Due to this reason, chat app development services are rising day by day. People and businesses are shifting to chat apps like WhatsApp clone apps for their daily conversations.

8 Key Stages of The Mobile App Development Process

1. Confirmation of The Idea

Before making the strategy, getting the idea is an important task. A mobile app development agency needs to get clarity about the purpose of the chat app. The app is made differently for normal users and businesses. For business, it is important to know what the target audience is. What important features should be included in the clone app? and many other objectives.

2. Market Research

Doing market research is an important part of developing a chat app. It shows the real demand of the market. According to that, you can further modify your idea. Market research can also give you an idea of the requirements of the users. Analyzing people in different areas is important to come to a common conclusion. It also helps you get a better understanding of your customers.

3. Build The App’s Wireframe

Building a wireframe is essential to move on to the development part. It is like a blueprint of the app. You can show design and essential features in a wireframe. Then you can get it approved by the customers. For example, for a WhatsApp clone app, you can create a script where every feature and design is explained so that the customer can get an idea of the app. You can also test the app on different platforms like mobile, laptops, desktops, and tablets. After analyzing the wireframe, you can suggest changes or addons for the final app. Your customer can also look into it and suggest if any change is required.

4. Platform Choice

Mostly, there are three options available for development. You can choose the right one after analyzing your customer’s needs. There are several benefits to every platform. So you can decide according to your customer needs.

  • Native app
  • Cross-platform app
  • HTML5 web app

5. Development

After your mobile app wireframe passes your requirements, you can move on to the process of development. Your developer, QA team, and designers can start working on the final app. The development phase includes the coding part and the actual realization of your application. You may need an API and backend server to run the app. The development process takes longer than other steps. It is usually done in stages.

Developers may have to do some configurations and changes to make the app fully functional. All the objects must be tested with other components. The chat app needs to be responsive for all screen sizes. The chat app development is majorly for mobile screens but it should work smoothly on large screens too.

6. Test your chat app and improve

Testing the app at every stage of development is required to make sure that there are no vulnerabilities left. Once the fully functional chat app is ready, a final test of usability should be conducted. The QA team should be engaged with handling bugs and vulnerabilities.

Stages of Mobile App Testing

Some Points are Given Bellow:

  • Documentation testing- At this stage, you need to check for addons to the app.
  • Functional testing- At this stage, you need to test your app responses according to the customer’s needs. The following things should be kept in mind while functional testing- business functionality, target audience, and distribution channels.
  • User testing- At this stage, make sure that the app offers comfort while using. It should provide a great user interface and usability. It should be easy to use and attract users. The following factors contribute to user testing- satisfaction, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • UI testing- Make sure that the chat app has amazing UI and designs according to the user’s convenience.
  • Compatibility testing- It provides the optimal performance of the app across platforms. Compatibility testing takes care of all the configurations.
  • Performance testing- It includes the usability of the app. User performance testing, the following factors are taken care of- load testing, stress testing, and stability testing.
  • Security testing- It is the most important testing for the app. This process includes testing for security concerts. It checks risks for vulnerabilities and attacks. The team looks out for risks so that there is the least chance of attacks.
  • Device and platform testing- An app works differently on different platforms. An app works differently on iOS and android.  Therefore it is necessary to test the app on different types of devices and platforms.

7. Launch the app

Now, the app is ready to be launched. You can make it available for all users that are android as well as ios. You can deploy the app on the apple store or play store.

8. End to end support and maintenance

After the deployment of the app, you can look into regular maintenance and ask for reviews. Reviews and ratings can help you get more responses. This helps in increasing the usability and flexibility of the app.

After the app is fully launched and is used by users, you can provide regular updates to the app. This is the whole process for mobile app development. Companies like Success sensation follow the same process while developing white-labeled solutions. They strive to develop on-demand mobile app development solutions for businesses and startups.


Mobile app development services are in high demand. Due to this, companies are focused on providing the best Mobile app development services. There is a well-defined process for developing the required chat app. Following this process can lead to fully functional chat apps.

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