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Why is Video Conferencing called the Future of Business Collaborations?


Understanding Video Conferencing

A few years back, video calling was a luxury that could be carried out only with costly and complex devices. Today, video conferencing is literally handy and costs less to use, with simple hardware and Internet connectivity.

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In addition, Video conferencing is a live and visible connection between two or more people at different locations in real-time.  Hence, There is the transfer of static or motion pictures, sound, and text messages between people in different locations.

Video Conferencing Technology

  • Video conferencing saves a lot of time and money incurred on face-to-face meetings.
  • Use cases of video conferencing include team meetings, interviews, job training, board meetings, technical support, customer services, remote inspections, sales meetings, etc.
  • Group Video Meeting has saved many industries like education and international business during the pandemic when human movements were put to a standstill.
  • It gives hardware flexibility and works with a wide variety of devices like meeting rooms, phones, and cameras.
  • It works with minimal maintenance requirements and gets compatible with almost any type of speed and data connection.

How does Video Conferencing Technology Functions?

With video conferencing, face-to-face meetings with two or more individuals can be carried out without being actually present at one location. It lets participants see each other and develop a stronger rapport.

With the help of mobile devices, laptops, tablets, computers, and a software-based web video conferencing platform, the participants can communicate over the internet.

It works in two phases:

1. Compression

The video and audio are captured and compressed into waves of frequencies and amplitudes. The data is compressed again to convert it into digital packets, to make digital transmission quick over a network.

2. Transfer

The data is then transferred and received by another device, (like a computer) where it is decompressed, transformed into audio and video, and displayed on the recipient’s display.

Use Cases of Video Conferencing

1. Meetings & Collaborations:

Video calls support in setting up conferences for business, training; pre-plan a project, even when the participants are far from each other.

2. Online coaching & training:

Long-distance education programs and on-job training can happen in video calls even when the participants are located in the remotest of the locations.

3. Business:

Remote workplaces and virtual staff is the new business standard. VCs help in better administration of business through facilitating board meetings, customer meetings, sales meetings, and other business conferences.

4. Online interviews:

VCs can be utilized for recognizing potential workers for the organization. Even the leading news networks link different individuals for interviews on their channels.

5. Remote Diagnostics:

Remote diagnostics in health care through VCs is gaining popularity, especially after the pandemic.

6. Space Technology:

Cosmonauts in the International Space Station use VCs for the assistance of the ground staff.

10 Reasons Why Video Conferencing is Beneficial to Businesses

Secure Video conferencing is an essential part of every business today. There are a wealth of benefits of video conferencing solution to businesses of all sizes and sectors.

From bringing people together, to improving work efficiency, it brings a lot of value to the business. Because, It helps to engage remote workers, create collaboration between departments, eliminate business travel needs, reaping a great return on investment.

Benefits of video conferencing:


Video conferencing engages participants visually, allowing the use of slide shows, whiteboards, etc. If the audience does not lose interest in the conversation easily. Therefore, The participants make use of multiple senses, unlike an audio conference where they tend to drift off from conversation or start multi-tasking.


Since the participants are being watched on camera, people do not tend to get distracted by phones and other random thoughts. They get more attentive about what is going on in the meeting. Because people save a lot of time from reduced commuting, they can devote this valuable time with more focus and can do more duties in the same time.


Travel costs a lot and corporate video conferencing systems cut down the need to travel and the cut is surely enticing for a business, especially when it is a start-up. In addition, Video meetings foster open communications like in a face-to-face meeting. Because the travel needs are cut, much time is also saved leading to productivity.


Video calls reveal non-verbal cues, facilitate creative collaborations, helps to nurture client relationships, and preserve records. In addition, it is a way to address remote, home-based, and traveling coworkers and engage them easily.


Visual information is understood quickly and more accurately than audio information. Hence, the information passed on via video calls is more effective as the participants tend to retain and comprehend it better.


Video meetings have a lot of non-tangible benefits as well. Hours and days lost in traveling to places for business is absorbed through the use of video conferences. Hence it supports the transmission of documents, brings everyone on the same page, reduces ambiguity, collects undivided attention, and saves a lot of travel time yielding productivity.


With video conferencing technology, the logistical problems get addressed. Since, It becomes easier to synchronize busy employees for virtual meetings as time is flexible. Because, there is no constraint of accessible location.


In virtual meetings, there is a defined time for starting and ending the meetings. There is lesser room for idle conversations and more productivity is achieved in the given time.


Video conferencing service grants a greater degree of flexibility and job satisfaction to the employees. They have a better work/life balance and control over their work, leading to better retention rates.


All of the above benefits sharpen a company’s competitive edge, reducing time to market. Manufacturing time gets a cut, ensures the quality and accuracy of the product lifecycle. Because Its lower costs, better team collaboration, and streamlining of the tasks also give rise to competitive benefits.

Best Web conference Platform for your business

If you are planning a of peer-to-peer video connection for your business, the CONTUS MirrorFly video conferencing suite is a perfect video conferencing solution for all your meeting needs.

With MirrorFly, you can rest assured that you have a robust and secure communication infrastructure backed by an expert team of developers. Experience seamless collaborations and a feature-rich conferencing platform. MirrorFly offers 100% customization and Unlimited calling capabilities. It is a trusted brand in real-time communication Solutions.

Call the experts today and choose the appropriate technology stack for a highly scalable and unsurpassed video app for your business.

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