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Why Startups are Considering Laravel for Web App Development?



Laravel is currently enabling web app development with personalized features. Numerous firms across the world are now depending on the work and clarity of Laravel. It enables them to stay immaculate with the right technical innovation and web development service. So, it is a great idea to choose Laravel for web development to fulfill your business requirements and achieve the best web solutions. Laravel development services are highly trustable in offering scalable deployment, API integration, business intelligence, middleware app development, and software development. 

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As we all know, the Laravel web development process is easy and simple and offers an excellent framework to developers that support multiple code types and corresponding functionalities. We can say that Laravel is one of the most reliable and finest development frameworks available in the market that give great potential to companies, mainly startups.

The software industry is continuously evolving due to the latest advancement in technology. The demand for a significant client experience is more elevated than ever. With the evolving technology sector, it is not only about delivering world-class,  feature-rich, and great web solutions. But it is also about many other factors such as the future aspect of the product, based on which framework it is created, and the communication level maintained with the client. 

Are you a startup planning to hire a dedicated team of Laravel web developers but not sure whether it is a great choice or not? If so, then you’re at the right place. The following article describes why Laravel web development is one of the most preferable choices for startup businesses. To know more, read further and expand your knowledge, let’s get started!

Why are Startups Using Laravel for Web Development?

1. Excellent Performance

For a startup business, it is essential to improve the application performance to expand its popularity and user base. Using excellent functionalities such as multilingual support, native support, and enhanced security, Laravel can make wonders by maximizing a startup’s performance and potential.

Besides, the PHP frameworks even come with the robust features of eloquent ORM that enables working with various databases using Active Record implementation. This helps developers to carry out different database functions integrated with a Blade template engine for seamless web application development.

2. Enhanced Security

Be it a startup or enterprise business, high-end security is something that every company requires to preserve the confidentiality and solitude of the customer data. If you choose Laravel for building your app, you can get comprehensive security that will help against data intrusion activities such as cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, and SQL injection. It also protects your codebase from complex security threats and enhances your credibility amidst your user base.

High-quality security is one of the top priorities for businesses when it comes to software development. Taking proper security measures helps you to improve customers’ credibility with higher security.

3. Efficient Traffic Management

If the implementation of a web application is done correctly, it tends to draw a lot of traffic. With the upsurge in network traffic, your mobile app might need to trade with massive client requests every second. This can result in a formidable problem that may lead to a website crash which can be a worst-case scenario. To stay safe and away from such situations, startups companies should hire a dedicated team of Laravel developers. If you choose Laravel for web development, you don’t have to worry about such events as it gives an excellent message authorization system toward the beginning of each venture’s betterment.

From gaining attention to increasing the audience reach, the first phase of any new business has a lot of struggle that requires effort. Once you’re on the track and start gaining user engagement and traffic on your website, the struggles remain constant. As we all know, with the increasing traffic, the problems of managing multiple numbers of customer requests per second also make the webserver non-responding. The unique message queue system provided by the Laravel framework supports effective load balancing to keep your web server robust and ensure the smooth running of the web development project. 

4. Easy to Learn and Use

Of all popular web development frameworks, Laravel is the easiest to learn and use for beginners. It is the most sought-after server-side scripting and open-source framework amongst web developers which makes the entire process of learning and using Laravel very simple. The Laravel learning curve is short and gentle if you’re aware of the basic aspects of PHP. As a newbie, if you find something difficult and stuck anywhere, the Laravel community is always there to help you overcome such problems using various resources and develop an app from scratch.

Lastly, we can say that startups are hiring freshers who lack sufficient understanding and experience. Laravel, can work spectacularly in training and facilitating your newly started business.

5. Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness

As an open-source web development platform, Laravel allows you to minimize the cost of your product by saving on licensing and maintenance fees. If you choose Laravel for application development, you’ll be served with a plethora of packages that you can access such as tests, routing, views, and much more. But if you choose the right packages for your website development, you could save the money and effort that you invest in the development process.

Apart from this, your developers will acquire more knowledge and collaborate with skilled Laravel professionals as it has powerful community support that makes your team make pricey development oversights. Numerous companies and web developers using Laravel as their preferred platform are greatly increasing in numbers. It allows you to access a personalizable user interface when required and develop apps in several languages having feature-diverse, and browser-independent applications without investing much effort and money.

6. Less Time Consuming

As there is no use of complex code within the Laravel framework because it uses plain PHP code which makes the entire development process simple. This enables the quick development of Laravel for web app development using the right tools and resources. Laravel creates a website faster and makes it more stable and easier to maintain compared to other PHP frameworks. It is a popular web development framework that follows the MVC architectural pattern consisting of the whole infrastructure required to create a website and provides a PHP templating engine as well as various features.

Using excellent tools and techniques, you can easily build Laravel applications from scratch. Starting from basic authentication to form validation and cache, a Laravel framework allows you to do it all which makes the development process effective and efficient.

7. Engage More Audiences

When you’re starting a new business, it becomes very difficult to engage audiences, and having a strong user base is very critical for all types of businesses. But if you’re using the Laravel framework, it helps you to target more audiences by providing specific features such as authentication library, multiple platform support, command scheduler, monolog logging library, and multilingual application development support. And if you’re an eCommerce startup, by all means, hiring the Laravel development team for the job is a great choice that can engage the maximum number of individuals globally.

8. Constant Improvement

One of the most important features provided by Laravel is the continuous updates which make it the best PHP framework across the world. With every new update, Laravel comes up with something new which gives new businesses more reasons to adapt to this technology.

With a unique duplicates () collection process and other unexplored characteristics, fixes, and modifications to the framework, it comes with many innovative and robust features to support startup kick start like never before which makes it a great choice for newly started business.

Key Takeaway

Laravel framework is a perfect platform for startups for building secure, feature-rich, and maintainable web applications. It is a cost-effective framework. If you are starting a new business and want potential audiences, make sure to choose Laravel development services and enhance your website interactivity using the excellent features that we discussed above. 

In closing, the Laravel PHP framework provides products and services to a broad variety of audiences and online marketplaces. It is a highly secured and out-of-the-box development platform that provides an incredible experience to all active users and remains secure from tough security measures. An app developed using the capabilities of Laravel can handle website requests much quicker compared to other frameworks. \

It offers an expressive and elegant syntax that makes the process of application development easier, simpler, and faster for web developers by eradicating all the loopholes integrated with complex PHP code. So, as a startup, if you want to fulfill your long-term goals and missions, then Laravel development services can definitely be the way forward.

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